A Financial Advisor’s Guide To Profitable LinkedIn Marketing

A Financial Advisor’s Guide To Profitable LinkedIn Marketing

It’s common understood that LinkedIn is the top online community for high-net-worth individuals. So when financial advisors are aiming to connect with their ideal clients, it’s a perfect place to start.

As an advisor, if you’re not fully versed on the breadth of opportunity that awaits you on LinkedIn (and how to use the platform most profitably), this post is for you.

It’s structured to help you further understand what marketing on LinkedIn is like and how it’s done. Think of it as a guide that is solely meant to make you improve and taking on different ideas that may prove to be effective in the way you market on LinkedIn. The idea I’m trying to push forward is that marketing on LinkedIn may seem different, but it isn’t a rocket science; all you need is some effective guidance that will keep you grounded as a marketer.

Hopefully, you will further learn how to engage, interact, and improve various skills in the marketing field. It will broaden your marketing capabilities, and you can further push on to expand your market. What is shared here isn’t meant to just restrict you to LinkedIn as you will learn various alternatives in the way you market. The whole point is for you to see the different possibilities in the marketing world.

As competitive as the world gets, you can still make your way from the anonymity online to the becoming a top resource and influencer to your ideal client. All it takes is some effort and following some of the guidance you’ll be consuming over the course of this post, and I’m sure you will learn and utilize the information provided.


What Exactly Is LinkedIn?

When social media first became prevalent, it was all about connecting friends and family. But it was only a matter of time that there would come a social platform meant for professional networking and development of careers. With 660 million users globally, LinkedIn’s initial goal of helping job seekers share resumes, look for jobs, and increase the reputation of their career has since become much broader. The whole idea of LinkedIn is to make it easier for you to expand your profession as you can create connections by working with other businesses and contacts.

Think of it as Facebook, except it’s focused on the business aspect of the internet; however, similarly, you can share and like content that is further used for networking, communicating, and selling. LinkedIn is solely interactive, which requires its users to stay up to date to gain the advantages of the platform whereby you can grow and increase the number of followers, contacts, and businesses.


Getting Started

Obviously, the start of every social media accounts results in making the account. Now when you decide on making the account, you have to think like a marketer. The goal is to sell your firm as promotion is the goal of marketing. So choosing a good name and setting up an appealing set of information is bound to attract both traffic and potential customers. The stronger the title and portfolio of your LinkedIn account are, the more likely that you may gain some form of popularity.

Slowly and gradually, you will also start to deal and interact with other users, which is where you need to keep up and be professional in order to maintain a good reputation. A good reputation leads to loyal interactions with other professional references and potential customers.

Remember to keep your content creative and up to date, which will maintain and increase your reputation. You need to realize the essence of interactivity to keep a good stance in the LinkedIn market.

How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing

  • Keep posting and updating content regularly. Refer to your interests, your dealings, and what your business specializes in. This further allows you to target your audience, potential customers, and clients.
  •  Try LinkedIn advertising as it may allow your business to expand its name and will further attract potential customers and clients.
  • Keep active in groups that will allow you to discuss, interact, and find people and businesses that deal with similar interests as your own business. This will promote your business, which will help in the marketing aspect.
  • Build and grow contacts by engaging, interacting, and creating relationships by messaging businesses that have similar interests as you. Expand your network if you want to market your product or service.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile in order to get discovered by people. Therefore be very smart in the keywords used by your marketing strategy.

Why Is It Effective For Marketing?

When it comes to being effective, LinkedIn is a very prominent platform for marketing. With a proper strategy, one may gain success in achieving their marketing goals with LinkedIn.

B2B marketers know that LinkedIn is a well-known social media powerhouse that has been seen to be more effective than Facebook and Twitter. Knowing that LinkedIn is used more than other social media platforms is an accurate statement that verifies why LinkedIn is effective for marketing as potential followers and customers are more likely to find their way to your company LinkedIn website.

The platform holds approximately 660 million users globally, which is why LinkedIn is further deemed to be an effective marketing tool in promoting products or business. With users and businesses constantly on the lookout for deals, products, and expansion of their contacts, marketers may be successful in the promotion of their product and service.

Since LinkedIn is a serious and safe platform, people are more likely to deal with marketers, which results in the success of the promotion of products and services. They further get their business initiative across, which is just good marketing with users coming to your company LinkedIn site.

Furthermore, the content may also be followed by your users, which will result in the promotion of your firm’s LinkedIn site, which allows other businesses to be interested in it. With approximately 45% of the article readers being managers, VPs, and decision-makers, it gives you a chance to target an audience and have serious potential customers.


Tools Used For Linkedin

Are you having issues with optimizing your LinkedIn profile at the top? If you are, it’s perfectly alright; we’re here to help, so don’t fret as we help guide you with the best tools designated for LinkedIn. For most forms of marketing, there are various ways that you can boost your game, and these tools are perfect examples of boosting your LinkedIn marketing.


When it comes to broadening the marketing horizon of your LinkedIn website, then We-connect is your ally as you can visit thousands of LinkedIn profiles with just one simple click. The whole goal is to boost your reach so that marketing on LinkedIn can be made easy for you. We-connect is a leading tool as it constantly keeps track of customer data and helps you by taking notes which are required for improvement in the areas where you lack.

The tool further makes it easier for you as it looks out for prospects, and it can send personalized emails, which ensures that the interests of your own business are kept in line, and you can make contacts. Furthermore, drip email campaigns are enabled by the tool which sends personalized emails that engage with your potential customers, of which it stops once the prospect engages with a response.

Lastly, it allows you to download the profiles of your prospects, which helps you maintain strong customer relationship management, which will boost your reputation, hence more customers.


If lead generation is your goal, then Leadfuze is the tool for you as it helps increase the lead generation of your business LinkedIn profile. It consists of a database with approximately 200 million professionals from about 14 million organizations, which can increase your recognition and your contacts.

More network reach means more customers and prospects. It further filters out unnecessary traffic for you, which allows you to reach prospects more accurately. The tool further helps by sending personal emails verified by an AI technology to engage users with your business, which maintains customer relationship management.

Most importantly, Leadfuze is consistent in preventing duplicate contacts, which is why it is known as one of the best tools since it maintains accuracy for your LinkedIn profile as you deal with prospects majorly.


Now when it comes to effective Leadfeeder takes the win as it is well known as a good marketing tool for LinkedIn. It is a tool that keeps you informed of the companies viewing your website and enlightens you as to what they’re interested in. It helps in the Customer relationship management department as it is connected with it.

Leadfeeder further keeps you on your toes as it informs you whenever a company is viewing your website, and it also updated the CRM when they revisit your website. The best part is that it is easy and simple to use, which will further help in the lead generation, which is why Leadfeeder is known as one of the best.



Who would ever think that a personality assessment tool could be used to improve marketing?This is a unique tool that can prove to be a real game-changer in marketing if used correctly. Crystal is a platform that can be used to understand the way you market and your customers. It helps you understand your market behavior and communication with the audience.

When you get to understand it, you may further use it to improve in areas where you lack. Crystal further allows you to improve the way you target your customers as you see the difference between yourself and the customer, which will help you win your customers back as communication is improved.


Creating A LinkedIn Strategy

When it comes to marketing, everyone knows how significant strategy is. The goal is to establish what exactly you’re getting into, and it involves grounding your base by forming a LinkedIn strategy. With the way the world is shrinking and the competition growing, you need a strategic handle on the way you market on LinkedIn.

Establish Your Marketing Goals

“A fool with a plan is smarter than a genius without a plan.” This quote is generalized to how important planning your goals out is. When it comes to marketing with LinkedIn, you can’t just jump into it, so it is better to establish one’s goals. With your goals aligned, you realign your business’ initiative and what you want to target. It formulates the interests and defines the success of your firm.

As a marketer of your practice or firm, your goals will pertain to building brand awareness, selling your product, and increasing your firm recognition. With the goals established, you will figure out your limitations and your capabilities as a marketer, of which your practice will slowly build itself up and will target harder goals. It promotes productivity as your firm will become more determined and hungry to achieve more.

Figure Your Audience Out

The main goal of marketing is to promote, and the outcome of the promotion is attraction. What are you supposed to attract as a financial advisor? An audience. It’s as simple as that when I describe how important figuring your audience out is. A good marketer always steps into the shoes of his audience to figure out what the majority wants. Once you master the reading of an audience, there’s no going back.

Within your audience on LinkedIn, the world lies your future contacts, prospects, and customers of which leads to client and customer loyalty. By having a good read on an audience, you achieve a good reputation as well. An advisor who maintains a good reputation and gives the audience what they want is more likely to sell and promote their product. Therefore content and the product or service you’re selling is decided according to your audience.

The Importance Of Content

Listen to me loud and clear; content is key when it comes to marketing in the LinkedIn world. The content you create and use to update your profile on the regular is of great importance.

Content is what your audience is after, and if your content is consistent and appealing, you are bound to have a grip on your audience. You’re going to want to share interactive content that your audience can relate to, and if you get that right, you will achieve a good reputation.

As much as gaining a high follower count is thrilling and a goal, the main objective that never changes is to maintain that number of followers. Therefore by maintaining your audience with consistent and attractive content, you hold the ability to gain customer loyalty and increased recognition or reputation.

Visual Impacts On An Audience

When you watch a video or look at a picture on the internet, what do you feel? There is some sort of appeal or attraction that people have when they see something visually appealing. That visual feeling is the same impact a good marketer leaves on his audience.

The feeling of appeal or attraction should be linked with the audience regularly if you are to be successful as a financial advisor marketing on LinkedIn. You can attain visual impact by posting videos or pictures according to what your advisory practice stands for and what your audience demands.

If you are able to be creative and use your imagery or videography along the lines that your audience can relate to, you will have the upper hand in competitiveness.

1-2 minute videos will suffice to appeal to an audience on LinkedIn. You may further make slideshows or set PDFs on your profile for your audience to see. The better the content, the more your audience will adjust to your firm as there will be a trust factor.

Significance Of Promoting Your Firm

What is the whole point of marketing? To get your audience interested in your firm and the goods and services it supplies. Similarly, promoting can also be referred to as forming an interest within your audience, which is why you need to promote your firm as widely as possible. Make sure that your firm is as visible as possible to gain an audience that will further grow. The more followers you have, the more trustworthy your firm seems, and it will result in an instant appeal in most of your targeted audience.

Keep Up With Your Competitors

With 660 million people as users on LinkedIn, you best believe that everyone’s competing with each other.  The advancement our world has gone through and the use of the internet has caused barriers in the world to break down, which has increased competition.

With the barriers down, the world has become smaller, and platforms like LinkedIn have made it easier for people to start earning. It doesn’t take rocket science for one to know that you have to keep up with the competition if you want to be consistent with your success. Just like you, people are going to plan and take their time to work on their marketing, which is why you need to be on your tiptoes in the marketing world of LinkedIn.


Promoting Your Firm On Linkedin

If you want to be successful in LinkedIn marketing, you need to drill the word promotion in your head. When you’re done drilling promotion into your head, remind yourself that, “Promotion is Key.” Any successful advisor will work 10 times harder on making sure that their business is promoted rather than the selling aspect. They call this the 80/20 aspect as 80% goes to promoting, and 20% goes to selling.

Stay Consistent With The Content

Without content, there will be no market as your audience will lose interest in your firm. This is why content is so important, but what makes it more important is being consistent with your content.  If you’re content good, work on the consistency and improve yourself by setting up a content calendar. Therefore you can plan out what content you’re creating, and you can establish when exactly you are to publish your content.

Whether it be visual or written, make sure you have some variations in your content. Follow what’s trending, and keep your audience relating to your content as it will keep them gripped. Keep your content versatile as it will keep your audience begging for more.

This makes it easier for you to maintain and increase your audience at the same time, which will only bring about a good reputation for your firm. The whole goal behind the consistency of the content is to attract and keep your customers loyal, and they will want to buy your product more as it is moving with the trend.

Interaction With Your Audience

Imagine a customer happy with your product. Now imagine them happy with your product and your firm keeping up to date with them. That combination is one of the most effective ways of increasing customer loyalty and the good reputation of your firm.

Now when I say keep up to date with your customer, I mean interact and talk to your audience through your platform of LinkedIn. You can speak to your audience through your content, in groups, or you can even interact with them through messaging.

This makes a customer feel entitled and comfortable, which enables them to support your firm more often. Don’t aim for a satisfied customer, target a happy customer, and a happy customer will lead to an improved reputation and recognition of your business. To gain a happy customer, you have to interact with your audience and keep them updated.

The Importance Of Groups

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Similarly, when LinkedIn gives you groups, you make groups with your firm. Groups are a blessing for anyone trying to market on LinkedIn as it allows them to interact with their target audience, and they can further work with clients.

The significance of a group is it allows you to discuss and listen. Listening is a good habit as it keeps you informed of what your customers/audience wants; however, listening also lets you know what other companies are doing, which can also further enlighten you to keep up with the competition.

There are two ways to the group system on LinkedIn, one way is starting your group, and the other is participating in a group. They both allow you to discuss and create ties that are keys to successful marketing. This will keep you on the tip for your toes, and it will also leave a good impact on the audience as they have been granted a form of interaction with your firm.

Put In The Effort

A successful advisor in the LinkedIn world knows and lives by the word commitment. The word commitment perfectly fits the motto of a marketer as you can make it to the top when you take LinkedIn seriously. It requires effort as the network isn’t meant for the masses, and it targets the business and professional world solely. This is why you have to put in some effort to stay up to date with the LinkedIn world as it will. When you put in the effort, you balance everything out, and you try to cover and follow the strategy you have set up for yourself. Don’t stick to one aspect of LinkedIn if you want to make it to the top.

Try tap into every element of the platform to promote your firm. Whether it be tools for LinkedIn, groups, ads, or promotion through other platforms, try and tap into everything, and you will most definitely see yourself rising in the market. All it takes is some effort.

Make Your Profile Be The Highlight

Your profile is the first thing that is going to make a prospect judge whether or not they should deal with your business. If you set your profile and make it appealing to the audience, you are bound to gain a form of promotion, especially if you meet the requirements of your target audience.


How To Increase Followers On LinkedIn

It’s no secret that every advisor on LinkedIn wants to boost their following. Who would buy any product or service of a certain company that holds no strong customer base? No one. To simply put it, in the world of LinkedIn, if you have a strong follower base, you hold a good reputation and more chances of prospects and potential customers or clients.

Specify The Interests Of Your Firm And Make It Appealing

Let’s be frank, even though there are approximately 660 million users on LinkedIn; not everyone is willing to deal or search for the similar interests of your firm. This is why every LinkedIn company that markets have a target audience. You can only achieve a target audience once your company makes its interests publicly and visibly known.

The more you specify your firm interests, the more likely you are to both increase and find an audience that is looking and willing to deal with you. Similarly, you need to make sure that you have a golden profile which is bound to solidify potential customers and clients.

Remember, your profile is a reflective image of what your business is all about, so make it count and make sure it attracts and grips the attention of your audience. This will surely increase your following on LinkedIn.

Link your LinkedIn with your Email and other platforms of social media

Whether you like it or not, sitting idly by isn’t the mindset of a good marketer. A good marketer is always ready to bounce into action as you know that you are dealing with a lot of competition. Therefore if you want to up your game in LinkedIn marketing, then you’re going to have to make sure you link your LinkedIn company website with other social media platforms as it will allow a greater reach for people to access your firm.

Moreover, the power of Email is very significant in the LinkedIn world. If you can link your LinkedIn profile by engaging with your customers by sending personalized emails, you are bound to establish a good relationship. You need to broaden your marketing horizon, and when you use other platforms and Emails, you can get a strong reach, which can boost your following. Make sure your LinkedIn link is on all other platforms.

Utilize Other Companies, Influencers, And Leaders

A combined effort will always lead you to success. Establishing contacts with other companies can prove to be very effective, depending on how supportive the relationships are between your firm and the others. Remember, other companies have followers too, so if you maintain a good relationship with other companies, they can always support you and promote your page if you do the same.

You can always mention these companies in your updates, which is bound to maintain your reputation. Similarly, you can also make contacts with popular influencers and leaders in the marketing world. By having many contacts, you can always keep a good level of recognition, and users are more bound to follow you as you deal and have good relationships with well-known and respectable companies.

Make Use Of A Follower Ad Campaign

What is an electrician without their tools? Similarly, what is a good marketer without their tools? A follower Ad campaign is an effective tool that persuades users to follow your company profile, which further allows brand awareness and engagement. It randomly displays your firm’s logo and your profile picture and basically extends your reach as a LinkedIn profile to gain followers.

Don’t Forget Your Employees & Colleagues

Treat your employees like family because their family and friends might come out in handy. When you have employees, always remember that they can also provide some sort of reach for your firm. Your employees have friends and family or even contacts that may be willing to follow your business on LinkedIn.

As a financial advisor on LinkedIn, you need to try and tap into every aspect if you are going to increase and boost your following. You can always motivate your employees with either monetary or non-monetary benefits to help increase the company’s number of followers.

The Beauty Of The Hashtag

The hashtag is a gift for the marketing world as it optimizes your firm and its interests into one feed. The goal is to make sure your firm uses the right hashtags, which will lead your firm into a community hashtag panel that allows your firm to be further exposed. This will allow your firm to stretch its reach in the LinkedIn world, and you will be able to boost your following whilst having a more accurate target audience.


How To Get Clients On LinkedIn

The significance behind clients is that you can build a good relationship that may help you along the lines as you can get good publicity and possibly loyal clients.

Make Your Firm’s Interests Clear And Visible

If you’re not clear on what exactly you’re doing as a firm on LinkedIn, then you are bound to confuse your prospective clients. A confused client is a lost client. Make it clear what exactly your firm is interested in, and you will most definitely land with prospects who are genuinely interested in your firm.

Make it visible as to what your aims and interests are, and you will most likely get interested users coming to your account, which may become your clients. By aligning your interest, you further describe your firm’s abilities and what it can do for its clients, which makes it more likely for your firm to gain clients. You basically define what you can deliver and what you can’t, so it makes it easier for prospects to make their way to your firm.

Define Your Ideal Client

In order to get the client, you need to understand the client. Again the goal is not to confuse the client as a confused client is a lost client. Figure out your ideal clients by acknowledging your skills and what type of clients your firm deals with well.

Just like you have a target audience as a LinkedIn marketer, you have a target client, which is why you need to filter off the unnecessary users. As you filter your list for clients, go through the profiles of the clients that you think might fall in line with your firm’s interests. Going through the prospects gives you a better idea, and then you can start interacting with them, which will eventually lead to the formation of a relationship with a future client.

Make Use Of Groups

When you’ve been blessed with a creation like groups, you need to make use of it and make it count. As an advisor who wants to achieve success, you would want to utilize the groups on LinkedIn as it allows you to communicate and interact. What would be a better way of finding clients other than communicating and interacting with them? This, therefore, concludes that when a financial advisor uses a group as a base for establishing relationships with potential clients, just make sure the group tallies with your firm’s interests, and you will be golden in making a long client list.

Personalize And Socialize

We all know that LinkedIn is a social media platform, so why don’t you treat it like one? Use LinkedIn like its Facebook, except you keep it to the business aspects of life. Now when I say personalize, I refer to personalizing your passion for your firm, and when I say socialize, I literally mean talk and interact with users.

Try talking to users who view your profile, users in groups, and basically any user that takes an interest in your firm. By establishing this, you will have the chance of finding some potential clients as there are users on the lookout for dealing in a business to business style.

Personalize the way you message your potential clients and be sure to compliment and listen to what they say. Remember to thank clients and keep them updated with your work which will leave a good image of your firm and possibly a loyal client

Communicate With People Who View Your Profile

As I said before, remember to always talk to people who view your profile, and you might just land yourself with a new client. It leaves a good impression on the people who view your profile as they may understand that you mean business, and you’re serious about what you do. Communication will represent what your firm is all about, and it may land you with many potential clients as it leaves your firm in good sight. Not to forget that you should remain in contact with your clients, and it might just make them loyal clients. If you keep this up, there is a possibility of your clients introducing more potential clients to your firm.

Try Being Helpful

Being helpful always leads to a good sign. Good signs lead to potential clients. The general idea is to interact and show people that you know what you’re talking about. This always leaves a good impression on users on LinkedIn.

When users interact with you either through the comments or direct messages, make sure you leave a good impression. By helping users who follow you, you can find potential clients who are trying to test your firm. Users are bound to comment on your content, and if they ask for help, jump to it.

Remember, potential clients always go through your profile, so be sure to make it look professional and helpful if you want to land more clients in the bag.


How To Create A Company Profile On LinkedIn For Marketing

The traffic directed towards your financial services form is due to appeal. How does one create an appeal? You make a compelling firm profile on LinkedIn if you want to market successfully and create a good name for your firm. Therefore creating a company profile requires a few elements to solidify the base of your firm.

Make Your Firm Look Good

Any good marketer will tell you that the first and most basic part of forming a company profile on LinkedIn requires one simple thing, to look good. Your company profile symbolizes what your firm is all about and what it stands for. If you seriously make the company profile good, you are solidifying the potential of your firm doing well.

That is why when you create a company profile, you make sure that you set up a good display picture and banner. Statistics show that companies with profile pictures have 6 times the chance of getting visitors. The image of your firm falls on the profile as it makes your target audience feel safer and less hesitant in dealing with your firm.

The Significance Behind “About Us”

Think of “about us” as a bio on Facebook except for its about 2000 words, and it’s about your firm. That is how significant your profile’s “about us” actually is. It is a direct and accurate representation of what your firm is all about. It describes the skills your firm holds and possibly its negatives. Your interests are also added along to the list, which withholds the base of everything your firm stands for.

Just make sure you make your profile as outstanding as you possibly can, as it reflects the image that users see your firm as. Make sure it’s understandable, simple, and effective to make sure users are attracted and find your profile appealing. However, remember to answer these questions:

  • What is your firm?
  • Where is your firm based?
  • What your business offers
  • What are your company values?
  • What is your contact information?

Make Your Firm Known With Other Platforms

As a marketing savvy financial advisor, you should always reflect on seizing all opportunities to boost your firm’s name. Once you create a company LinkedIn profile, make sure to link it with other social media platforms as your main goal and objective is to extend your firm reach as far as possible.

By extending your firm reaches you can generate and attract traffic towards your firm. The goal of marketing is to attract and promote at a ratio of 80:20, whereby 20% goes to selling. With the linkage of all the platforms, your firm is more likely to increase its following and potential customers.

Utilize Career Pages

Boosting your company culture on LinkedIn is a really good way of establishing a good reputation and having access to new employees. It helps boost your firm’s recruitment ability as it keeps job seekers in check. It further allows you to let your employees give you their perspective on different ideas, which is basically a think tank.

This is a good way of both interacting with your employees and maintaining a good reputation as it is on a public platform. You may also allow your users to go through your firm’s employees as it has a feature called “meet the team,” which helps in convincing users to become potential clients and customers.

You may also analyze your employees more effectively and leave their analysis on the public platform, which is used to show how effective and efficient your firm is due to the hard work and capabilities of your employees.

Embrace Endorsement

One of the most important and helpful features of LinkedIn for advisors is the peer to peer endorsements. An advisor should always establish endorsement, whether it be for their employees, their customers, or associates. Take it as a recommendation, whether it be positive or critical.

You should always give an endorsement and receive an endorsement as it will help your firm grow. You can fulfill the endorsement process by making your employees follow the career page as they can express their views, and you can give them a recommendation from your very own profile.

You can also receive an endorsement from your customers as they give their reviews on your LinkedIn website, which can help you understand and improve the way you work.

Furthermore, I always ask for recommendations when you interact with other companies and influencers, as this will mutually benefit you. The goal is to grow, expand, and get better, and this can be achieved once a company follows the endorsement procedure when they set up their company LinkedIn account.


How To Create A Strong Campaign On LinkedIn

LinkedIn might not have the full capacity of Facebook or Twitter with the witty appeal that they give; however, it still has the potential that financial advisors can benefit from. The whole game is followed by lead generation as the whole basis of a campaign is done by LinkedIn all in one advertising platform.

The basic gist of running a strong campaign is to make sure your firm extends its reach and comes back with a positive response in the form of followers, potential customers or clients, and other prospects.

Decide On Self-Service Or Managed Campaigns

This is a decision that is required for you to establish how exactly you are to go about your ad making.  Unanimously the decision lies with you and how you want to deal with the way your ads are made. Self-service provides you with Text ads, sponsored content, and Ad tracking, which makes it easy for your company to get into ad making where you can use LinkedIn’s campaign manager to monitor everything else.

However, if you want to be more effective and strategic, you might have to reach deeper into your pocket as a managed campaign is a premium tool. It provides you more facilities in the ad making department except for text Ads. LinkedIn experts will help you and monitor everything for you with LinkedIn’s managed account.

How To Start With Your Campaign Manager

This is an important tool that is required by marketers who are trying to form a strong campaign on LinkedIn. Campaign managers keep track of everything that is going on with your Ad campaign. Furthermore, you can check the demographics of the users going through your Ads, and you can verify how they are performing.

With the campaign manager, you allow yourself to keep in check with what your firm may be lacking in the LinkedIn ad making. It’s smart and effective, which is bound to make your life as a advisor on LinkedIn less difficult as you can reflect on what your campaign is lacking.

Selecting An Ad Format

As a advisor, you have to make decisions that suit you and meet the requirements of your target audience. You either choose sponsored ads, text ads, or you could just do both, it just depends on whether you use self-service or managed campaigns.

Sponsored ads basically make their way to all LinkedIn users, and it works effectively when you select the best content of your firm, and you promote it on a larger scale. The idea is to choose the content that attracted your local followers, and then the sponsored content promotes it to a wider audience.

Text ads are basic and simple, which are to the point. They can be found all over a LinkedIn member’s feed. The idea is to keep them short and as appealing as possible. You can always use a dynamic visual which is bound to make text ads better.

Constructing The Basis Of Your Ads

For sponsored content, the basic idea of forming the right ad is to utilize your best content and mix the ideas until you feel content with the Ads you are using for the company. This way, you can keep creating new sponsored content until you get the content that brings better outcomes. You can always update it either to your company page or a showcase page so you can experiment till you get the best results.

For text ads, you can insert a description and a link of which LinkedIn members can click on and be taken to an Ad with an image, headline, and description. The more diverse your text ads are, the more likely it can be effective. You can have 15 Text ad variations in one go, so it would be wise to induce some variation in the Ads.

Target Audience And Targeting Ads

When it comes to anything related to promotion, you need to keep a target audience in mind. Similarly, you need to figure out a targeted Ad which keeps in link with the target audience so you can gain maximum reach.

This is where your campaign manager comes in handy as you have access to understanding your audience more. So if you feel like you’re lacking; you can always use the campaign manager to keep your target audience, and target ads are kept in line. But keep in mind that you keep relevancy over big following numbers as you have a reputation to uphold as a firm.

Set Your Budget

Like all smart financial advisors keeping an eye on what your firm can and can’t do is important. Now in the marketing world, you can’t always do what you want, so you have to set and follow a budget to keep in line with your campaign. You can, therefore, choose to bid on cost per click or cost per impression. CPC is used more for conversions, whereas CPM is used for brand awareness. The campaign manager will decide the bid dependent on your ad.


Creating Eye-Catching Content On LinkedIn

Are you constantly struggling with keeping your audience entertained? Remember three words and drill it into your mind—content, Content, and Content. Every successful advisor will stress how significant your content is. The trick is how to make it eye-catching, which is where your content can be extremely effective. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back as we help you with different ways you can make your content more eye-catching.

Align Your Company Interests And Target Audience

When it comes to creating content, be smart about it and take your time. The whole idea is to attract an audience for your firm and to further make it appealing. Now how do you make your content eye-catching? It’s simple, align your firm’s interests, follow what’s trending with your audience, and meet their requirements.

This key method is what leads to a marketer being successful as it is solely meant to direct the traffic towards your LinkedIn company profile, and the content is supposed to grip your audience’s attention.

Once you figure out what audience you need to target, you can pre-plan what content you are going to deal with to keep up with your audience. This makes it more relatable for your audience, which unanimously makes your content eye-catching.

Regular Updates

Do you know what’s better than good, relevant, and relatable content? Consistent content. When you have an audience, you need to make sure that they don’t get bored, and how does one entertain their audience in the LinkedIn world? You simply upload content as regularly as you possibly can as this maintains the following on your company profile, and you may even increase the number of following.

Consistency often represents a serious business, and if your content is appealing to your audience, you are bound to attract potential customers, clients, and other prospects. You want to give the best impression of your firm so that it is further promoted. You can further ensure regular updates by forming a content schedule that allows you to plan and coordinate timely upload. Pick a time when most people view your content and make it a habit so that you’re bound to provide eye-catching and consistent content.

Helpful Tips

Who doesn’t like a few tips and tricks here and there? Just as likely, when helpful tips become a part of your content, you may see some change in your following. With 660 million users on LinkedIn, there’s always going to be someone who needs help or doesn’t know where to start from, so they find inspiration in various companies. If done effectively and regularly, helpful tips as content could act as a good method for presenting eye-catching content. Remember, most users on LinkedIn are hungry for knowledge, and this is a factor that you can utilize by giving eye-catching content in the form of helpful tips.

Eye-Catching Video And Picture Uploads

Let’s be honest; videos and pictures are super appealing and have more chances of making someone understand your content. What would be better than a follower from understanding your content, especially since it’s simple and effective?

The idea is to utilize videos and pictures in a way that appeals to your audience and what your firm’s interests are. The features of videos and images can increase brand awareness, and it gives an appeal to the audience as to what your firm is all about.

You can always post pictures of your firm and its employees or make short informative videos, which creates awareness and provides eye-catching content.

Furthermore, the videos do not have to be extra or spectacular, they just need to give the right vibe of what your firm is promoting and its interests, and you will be likely to increase your following.

Extend Your Content

Remember, you’re marketing in the LinkedIn world, and this means you have to think like a “LinkedIn Marketer.” Believe it or not, LinkedIn users are hungry for knowledge, and they’re constantly looking for it, which is why if you want to attract users, you need to work on your content.

When I say work on your content, I mean to extend your content and make it informative, personalized, and relatable. Statistics show that users are more likely to be hooked to content that is long, informative, and of high quality, of which some of them even share it with their associates.

This is the significance behind extending your content as it will make your content eye-catching and worth it for your followers

Keep Your Content Simple And Natural

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” as it is one of the most basic factors that a good marketer keeps in mind. The general idea of being simple and natural in your content is to make sure your content is understandable and relatable to your audience and other users. Not everyone is skilled, so you have to talk in layman terms, which have 10 times the effect of getting your content across and making it appealing.

When I talk about being natural, I refer to personalizing your content, and no, I don’t mean talking about “your” life. I simply refer to personalization a talking about the life of “your company.” Make it relatable so that your audience isn’t lost, and that will create instant appeal and will make your content more eye-catching.

Remember, people on LinkedIn are searching for knowledge, so give it to them and simplify it, and you will surely up your content game.


Linkedin Ads – Your Guide To Getting Started

Everyone needs guidance when it comes to the advertising aspect of LinkedIn, especially since the system of LinkedIn doesn’t work like other platforms. Advertising on LinkedIn isn’t as simple as spamming ads on Facebook or Instagram, which is why we have provided guidance for getting started with LinkedIn Ads.

Adjusting To The Campaign Manager

Before you start anything based on advertising, you need a LinkedIn campaign manager. Think of the campaign manager as your firm’s guardian angel. You need to link your LinkedIn profile with the campaign manager, whereby you sign into it. A campaign manager is a management tool that helps understand evaluate how well your Ads may be doing, which is bound to help you improve and keep an eye on the way you’re making your Ads on LinkedIn.

Ad Objectives

Think of setting objectives as planning something. Similarly, when you deal with Ads, you have to establish your ad objective to figure out where you should go next. You need to establish whether you want more people to know of your business, which will, therefore, require brand awareness, or you may need to attract more leads and gain more website visitors.

By establishing what you want to target, you start forming objectives that can make your ad making life easier.

You have three different stages of Ad objectives, of which LinkedIn provides you. Awareness, considerations, and conversions are the three different stages of which you decide which stage suits your firm’s interests and ad making better.

By choosing the objectives, you can reflect on your target audience and your firm’s interests. This, therefore, can help you achieve either brand awareness, lead generation, or more website visitors.

Ad Targeting

How do you expect to be successful in promoting your Ads and firm when you don’t know what people demand? This is why Ad targeting is a necessity at the start of LinkedIn ad making as you need to figure out your target audience. You need to figure out what kind of people you are targeting to be successful.

Figure out whether the people you are targeting based on whether they work location, education, and industry. At least by understanding your audience better, you are bound to attract them with your ads.

Furthermore, you can expand your audience by use of audience expansion. As a financial advisor, you want to grow your AUM; therefore, you wouldn’t want to stick to the usual number. Instead, you want to increase and expand your audience. So you further gain new users like your followers.

Selecting The Right LinkedIn Ad Types

When it comes to ad making, you put in a lot of time and effort, so obviously, you’d want to make sure you choose the right LinkedIn Ad you want to follow. The Ad type you choose is vital in establishing the success of your campaign. Selecting the right LinkedIn ad type is linked with your target audience. You need to figure out what ad type suits your target audiences as you need to get your reach as far across as possible.

For example, some users prefer getting messages or notifications, whereas some prefer checking their inbox. Since every marketer has an Ad budget, you need to see which ad type suits your budget and your target audience. You can either choose sponsor ads, text ads, or message ads. The goal is to make sure you choose the right Ad type before you get started on Ad making.

Make Use Of LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

If you want to turn your prospects into leads, then you’re going to want to make use of lead generation forms. It works alongside sponsored content of which your prospects click on the CTA Ad, and a form will open up. These forms are basically auto-populated, of which it gives relevant information; the prospect just has to click submit. It is a way of getting your prospects professional details in just a few clicks, maintenance of your list of leads, and it can help improve your return of investment.

Track Your Ad Success

Once a financial advisor commits to Ad making on LinkedIn, they basically invest and obviously want their return on investment. Smart marketers always keep an eye on how their Ads are doing as they are bound to fluctuate.

To increase the consistency of your productive ad making, you need to measure and track your Ads and their success. This will most definitely help you understand what Ads aren’t doing well and which ones are. This keeps a marketer grounded as they begin to understand their audience more and what they demand.

Furthermore, financial advisor who invest in marketing on LinkedIn want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth, which is where LinkedIn ad manager comes in as it gives the full analysis of your Ads productivity in the market. This is why you need to prepare yourself by tracking your Ad success before you start Ad making.