We Help Advisors Attract, Convert, & Retain More Clients With Less Effort

Every Advisor has the ability to actively managing the "lifecycle" of their prospects and clients.

Few, however, invest the time and energy to fully realize this relationship management opportunity.


What’s stopping them? Well, when you consider all the potential steps in the process…


It can be a TON of work – if done manually, that is.


There are 2 keys to successfully managing this entire process


 1) Targeting a narrowly defined group of potential clients (sometimes known as a niche)


2) embracing automation to manage repetitive (but essential) elements of relationship management.


Based on these two key factors, we developed our propriety…


CORE4MULA Marketing & Client Management System

With our CORE4MULA system, Advisors can automate and manage prospect and client relationships more easily than ever… and stay on top of all the critical communications needed to more prospects and clients forward.


Here’s how the CORE4MULA System works:

1) We identify your ideal client

2) We develop for you a lead magnet offer (or utilize your existing one)
3) We build a customized email campaign, speaking directly to the needs and desires of your ideal client
4) We develop marketing assets (as needed) like online ads and landing pages
5) We launch, manage, and optimize your ad campaign

(…and, of course, we work with you and your compliance department to ensure all materials meet the appropriate standards)

The CORE4MULA System is based on email and relationship management campaigns including the following foundational elements:


The Capture Campaign

Capturing leads is the first critical step in any marketing system. (Actually, you need to attract those leads before you can capture them, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

The CORE4MULA Capture Campaign makes it easy for your most interested prospects to willingly hand over their contact information without your practice needing to pry it out of them. We’ll help you create “no-brainer” offers which speak to your prospects’ wants and needs, and thirst for the opportunity to do business with you.

WHY CAPTURE? Capturing leads who respond to a marketing message that speaks directly to them and their needs provides your business with an ever-growing list of ideal prospects who want to hear from you about your products and services.


Do You Build Your Business Through Networking? In addition to capturing leads through advertising and online platforms, we have also developed a networking follow-up system to drive casual in-person contacts into appointments.

The Nurture Campaign

Not all prospects will instantly become a client. That’s where the CORE4MULA Nurture Campaign comes into action. Nurturing prospects regularly is an essential part of developing a deep relationship with, and greater trust in you and your practice.


Communicating periodically about your prospects’ needs, and how your solution might benefit them, helps you stay “top-of-mind” for that future day when they are ready to work with you.


WHY NURTURE? Nurturing your prospects regularly (providing valuable and relevant information) builds trust and authority, and keeps your practice front-and-center for that day when your prospect is ready to move forward.


The Follow Campaign

As many Advisors have told us, referrals are an essential part of their business growth. But asking for referrals is often an awkward process, and in most cases, lacks any clearly defined process.


The CORE4MULA Follow Campaign is designed to reach out to your existing clients and circle of influence to initially gage their sentiment around you and your practice.


For those who you have impressed, these campaigns can be designed to request referrals through follow-up emails, prompt you to contact these individuals by phone, or any other appropriate action you wish to take toward soliciting referrals.


If you have an unhappy client, however, this campaign will help you catch negative sentiment before it hurts you, by directing them away from airing complaints publicly, and, instead, addressing concerns directly with your business.


Our Follow Campaign is built around the NPS (Net Promoter Score) principles, the industry benchmark for understanding consumer sentiment.


WHY FOLLOW? Monitoring and responding to current and past client sentiment gives you an active role in controlling the public conversation about your practice (and putting out potential fires before they become public).


The Clean Campaign

A “dirty” database filled with incorrect and out-of-date information can easily result in mistakes and missed opportunities. The CORE4MULA Clean Campaign periodically engages your network to update their own information and self-volunteer leads and referrals.


Our clients who have run a Clean campaign to their database have uncovered between 10% and 35% of “buyer” leads hiding in plain sight. 


WHY CLEAN? The Clean System identifies golden opportunities to activate “buyers” you didn’t know you already had among your existing contacts.


We have been continuously updating and improving the CORE4MULA program for several years (and we don’t plan to stop building on what we learn as new data comes in).


We’d love to add your to practice to the hundreds of successfully deployed CORE4MULA campaigns currently working for our other clients.


Are You Ready to Leverage the CORE4MULA to Grow Your Advisory Practice?

Contact us today at 503-300-5999 or find a time on our calendar for a 45 minute Strategy Session to explore if CORE4MULA is a fit for your business goals.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the highly customized nature of the work we provide for each of our clients, and out of respect for you and our the other Advisors with whom we work, we strictly limit the number of new projects we take on each month. This allows us to provide maximum personal attention to you during the onboarding process.