Madison Logic Integrates with Marketing Automation Provider Marketo

Madison Logic Integrates with Marketing Automation Provider Marketo

By The MTA News Desk
05 Jan 2018 |2 Mins Read

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New York’s Madison Logic, known for its custom-targeting offering launched the first integration of its ActivateABM account-based platform with – Marketo’s Engagement Platform. The new integration is set to provide a more bidirectional approach.

Madison Logic tracks ‘intent signals’ and uses those signals to provide a more personalized communique to audiences. They also use these signals to deliver content and ads based on what users are most commonly searching for. At a time when hyper-personalization is gaining prominence, this move could benefit marketers who use both the platforms for their marketing initiatives. Before the integration, marketers would have to transfer data from one platform to the other.

The new features will allow Madison Logic to ‘listen’ to feedback so that future ads and content can be more optimized based on user response and behavior so far. Global VP for Business Development Shai Alfandary commented on how this offers a platform with ‘all data integrated’ making it ideal for outbound marketing initiatives. This new syncing of data will also assist marketers to plan more efficient lead nurturing activities thereby helping them move buyers along the sales funnel.

In a hyper-connected, hyper-personalized multi-device world, tracking users with cookies, or device ID is need of the hour. This can help escalate delivery of ads that are most likely to resonate with targeted audiences.

Tom O’Regan, CEO, Madison Logic, “We listen to B2B and identify organizations doing active research [in 3,000 product areas], but we didn’t have all that info in the marketing [automation] system — the accounts, the nurture path — to combine with our active listening.”

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